RAB  全球獨步  彩色能源板

                    COLOR ENERGY PANELS (CEP)


RAB Global Green Sdn Bhd ’s  Vision is to be a leading innovative and revolutionary in Chromatic Sealing Self Illuminating Solar PV Module Company. Our objective is to promote awareness and usage of solar energy in all walks of life, in the form of creative and artistic, colorful and image enhancing environment spanning from the urban and into the rural and remote area. It can be utilize from personal usage up to the large organization consumption.
RAB Global Green is new in the market, our partnership with an established company of 14 years’ experience in the Chromatic Solar PV Module sealing technology will help us to realize our vision to provide the green “off‐the‐shelf” energy product and solution that is convenient, affordable and sustainable. This will create a situation of which consumers will be more self-reliance in renewable energy solution and propel the spread in the usage of Chromatic Solar PV Modules into the mass market.


何謂彩色能源板?   (CEP)
what is color energy panels?

​​New definition of solar energy
Traditional solar energy chase the benefits of power, focusing on "energy" concept.
The color energy panels defines solar energy as a combination of "energy" and "power source".
Electricity is the performance of energy, added value is the performance of power source.

•傳統太陽能追逐發電的效益,著重”   能源   ”觀念。
•彩色能源板定義太陽能為”   能源   ”與”   能量   ”的結合。

Integrating the PV industry into the material concept, and therefore expanding the scope of photovoltaic applications. Traditional solar photovoltaic industry to pursue power generation efficiency focuses on the energy concept. Brunei RAB defined color photovoltaic panels photovoltaic panels as "energy" and "power" combination. Energy is an expression of electricity just like the added value is an expression of energy. Idea transformation is not only driven application expanded also changed its value. For example, wood is originally priced in weight, once it is transform into furniture; it changes its value drastically. So as the solar was priced in Watts, and value changed when applying to other products.

RAB Color Energy Panels are one of the most innovative products. We use the base of solar panels, however with RAB technology, we can now create and and coat images of any kind onto the surface of the panels to best serve a more attractive and friendly energy saving product that anyone can relate to.
Not only is it appealing to advertise images, whether for a private or corporate usage, we emphasize more on the benefits of having a 2 in 1 in advertising with free electricity, it benefits you more!! 

We provide the technology to tell us what you want ?